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Alexander Ryota Keeley  (Ph.D.)

We are conducting empirical research on a wide range of complex problems facing cities, such as energy depletion, environmental pollution, population decline, and disasters, using multifaceted and interdisciplinary approaches including urban engineering and economics.

Research output

Keeley, A. R., Matsumoto, K., Tanaka, K., Sugiawan, Y., Managi, S. 2020. “The Impact of Renewable Energy Generation on the Spot Market Price in Germany: Ex-Post Analysis using Boosting Method”. The Energy Journal.
Keeley, A. R, Managi, S. The importance of financial cost for renewable energy projects: economic viability assessment of renewable hybrid mini-grid systems in Indonesia. Green Finance, Vol. 1 (2), pp.139–155. 2019
Keeley, A. R, Matsumoto, K. Relative significance of determinants of foreign direct investment in wind and solar energy in developing countries–AHP analysis. Energy Policy, Vol.123, pp.337-348, 2018.
Keeley, A. R, Matsumoto, K. Investors’ Perspective on Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Wind and Solar Energy in Developing Economies – Review and Expert Opinions, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol.179, pp.132-142,2018

Research Project

【Principal Investigator】
FY2022 – FY2023
Mirai Seed Funding (Representative: Keely Alexander Ryota)
Research Project “The North-South Divide and Capital flow: Exploring the Effects of Partnerships
FY2021 – FY2023
Young Researchers (Representative: Keely Alexander Ryota)
Research Project “A Study on the Social Acceptability of Renewable Energies Considering Spatial Information”
FY 2018 – FY2020
Policy Research on Environmental Economy Phase IV, Ministry of the Environment (Representative: Keely Alexander Ryota)
Research Project “ESG Factors and Corporate Value”, etc.

【Research Assignee / Research Collaborator】
FY2020 – FY2024 Fundamental Research (A) (Representative: Shunsuke Managi [Kyushu University])
Research project title: “Multi-layered Governance of Sustainable Development that Embraces Social Values”
FY2020 – FY2022
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) (Representative: Shuichiro Kuwashima [Kyoto University])
Research Project Title: “Research and study on the evaluation method of hydrogen energy deployment value”
FY2020 – FY2025
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) (Representative: Shigeki Fujikawa [Kyushu University])
Research Project Title:  “Research and Development of CO₂ Circulation System for Realization of “Beyond Zero” Society”.
FY2019- FY2020
Institute for Global Environmental Studies (Representative: Shunsuke Mannagi [Kyushu University])
Research Project Title: “Development of a new national wealth index through the clarification of social value formation process and its application to sustainable policy design”


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Urban Institute:

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